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Beyond biedt B2B marketing & sales advies én ondersteuning

Sales en B2B marketing voor bedrijven
Sales en marketing voor B2B bedrijven
  • Meer dan 20 jaar ervaring in B2B sales, marketing en communicatie
  • Nieuwe ogen en helikopterzicht op uw bestaande organisatie
  • Marketing as a service
  • Business focused: snelle commerciële impact
  • Hands-on en praktisch gericht – werk rechtstreeks met de specialist
  • Co-creatie en co-innovatie met uw bestaande teams

'Customer Focused', 'Solution Oriented' and 'Efficient' is what comes to mind when thinking about Gunther. I have the pleasure to work with Gunther for many years now. It's not often you find a business partner that goes the extra mile the way he does. I would recommend Gunther to anyone looking for ideas, or is facing challenges, in B2B marketing or social and brand awareness.

Gerrit DenayerRegional Marketing Director at Business & Decision

During the two years in which I've worked closely with Gunther, I found him to be a very reliable and trustworthy marketing advisor, with a true hands-on spirit. Gunther will provide you with tangible results and gives proof of a deeper understanding of your business context. A good listener, with an emphatic skill set, who'll quickly come up with real solutions for your marketing issues.

Liesbeth RoelandtMarketing & Communications Manager - VPK Group

I cooperated with Gunther on creating a distinct value proposition and accompanying sales and marketing plan for our Canadian brand. Much appreciated his professionalism, degree of knowledge and ability to incite the team!

Paul DegraeveCEO International Hatchery Holdings

I had the pleasure to work with Gunther in fine-tuning our corporate communication tuned to the needs of our customers, not being too technical. Gunther was able to understand our message and clarified how to optimise this. He is a good listener, very analytical and delivered perfectly what we need in time. I enjoyed the contact with Gunther.

Luc SegersDirector Clinical Strategy EMEAI at Agilent Technologies

For our international expansion plans we were in need of professional advice in B2B marketing strategy. We were introduced to Gunther by a common friend and it became soon clear he was the right guy to advise us. Gunther is much more than just a consultant - he's not only knowledgeable but also knows how to execute a strategy. And because he sits on a vast personal experience, he helps you identify any potential pitfalls or mistakes before you can actually make them!

Bram CallewierCEO Stoneasy

Gunther Walravens weet waarover hij spreekt als hij het heeft over B2B marketing. Arcor werkt nu meer dan 3 jaar samen met hem en dat heeft geleid tot een uitgebreide community en vooral een boost in de sales en de omzet. Geen consultancy praatjes, maar concrete acties. Terwijl Beyond de Marketing voor haar rekening neemt, gaan wij keihard door met onze core business.

André Van ButselVoorzitter Arcor
February 17, 2021

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